Different Travel Choose Different Travel Bags

Travel Bags

Tackle your travels like you would the outdoors with our durable  travel bags. it is first choice to a convenient and safe storage place for your outdoor travelling ,I think  you will choose  travel bags ,.No single travel bag can be suitable for all types of trips.There are various types of bags suitable for your reference.

  • A Duffel bag.
  •  carry the duffel bag on your shoulders or carry it in your hands conveniently for your short vacation .another duffel bags with wheels is also popular in the traveler and business man . it convenient for transportation.
  • Travel-trolley-bag-YN10130051
  • Travel Bag Set 5pcs
    Travel Bag Set 5pcs
  • A Backpack
  • If you plan to a camping ,shopping, you are interested in a backpack, you put it on your back , your hands can freely to do what you want to do .
  • Out Door BackPack
    Out Door BackPack
  • A Luggage
  • Luggage  also can called trolley bag,is the best option for a long holiday or business where you should carry lots of things in hands,  there are several  capacities of luggage for choice depend on how many you should take, There are even rolling briefcases available for short trips and you should know how to choose a rolling briefcase or you might end up choosing the wrong one.the material of luggage will be ABS ,600D or 1680D,Universal wheels designs is more welcomed to customers, can rolling  if is urgently .An internal nylon panel lets you pack as much as you can before you lock it all  down with pull straps.so the different structure mean to different using for customers.
  • backpack YN1415001
    backpack YN1415001