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How to Choose a Backpack for School

Select a backpack carefully – the right one just might last forever…
1.Determine what size objects and how much weight you will carry to school, and what sorts of extras you will need. College students will have different needs from those of first-graders. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Do you need a compartment for your computer?
  • Do you need a place to put your lunch?
  • How much shoulder padding will you need?
  • How many binders/notebooks will you need to carry at once?

2.Decide how long the backpack must last. New synthetic fabrics will last longest, although leather ages with more character.

3.Opt for backpacks with double-headed zippers and large exterior pockets for easiest access.

4.Select padded, adjustable straps and a sturdy frame for comfort. Thumb loops are a great addition.

5.Choose heavy-duty zippers, nylon and synthetic materials for durability. Rubber-bottomed packs will resist spills.


  • Place the bigger books at the back and smaller ones in the front to make the backpack feel lighter.
  • Check out backpacking stores and mountaineering equipment Web sites, as well as traditional luggage stores, for great deals and focused styling.
  • JanSport Superbreak would be a good choice for people with heavy loads.
  • Avoid messenger and shoulder bags. They may be cute now, but bags like these will concentrate all the weight on one shoulder and can lead to back pain. Some can also easily open and everything can spill out easily.